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Our authorised dealership provides solutions from the world's acclaimed vendors including Microsoft, Apple, IBM, HP, Xerox and Epson.

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Our support team are determined, highly trained and experienced. We will support your organisation through planning, purchasing, installation, networking and ongoing support.

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We provide comprehensive solutions to key online requirements including domain name management, professionally hosted email, web hosting, SEO, file transer, spam filtering and email marketing.

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Our experienced developers are supported by your dedicated account manager who will ensure your online objectives are translated into the technical jargon necessary.

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Google 'Site-Specific' Searches

If you put "site:" prior to a web address in the Google search facility, you can then search for any words on that website only. For example, if you entered "site:bbc.co.uk Google" it will bring up all the results where the bbc.co.uk website has used the word 'Google'.

Sending a PDF instead of a Word Document

If you're unsure that a recipient can open the MS Word document you wish to send, simply pdf it by clicking on "File", then "Save As..". Then select the drop-down menu next to "Format" & save it as a pdf document that virtually any computer can open.

Securing your system

Here's a quick video tip to make sure your Mac system is nice and secure - and your data is safe from prying eyes: http://bit.ly/16mv3WE


Windows PC 'Say No to All' Option

When you're copying or moving a group of files on your Windows PC, you'll sometimes be prompted to provide a 'Yes' or a 'Yes to all' response. Choose the latter option and similar files that prompt the same question will be ignored in future. But what if you want 'No to all' instead? There's no visible option. To apply 'No to all', simply hold the [Shift] key as you click 'No'.